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Career Mentoring - Improved Employee Development

Career mentoring enables both career development and leadership development to help employees gain new skills and feel engaged with co-workers and your organization. By encouraging a learning culture through mentoring, companies ensure that employees take an active role in spreading knowledge and best practices throughout their organization.

Employees get the opportunity for learning and development, which can help advance their careers and keep them from feeling stagnant in their roles.The collaborative nature of mentoring develops employees and interpersonal links. Essentially, employees sharpen their skills, gain new ones, and can form friendships at work, all of which result in increased engagement.

High-Potential Mentoring for Leadership Development

This one-to-one mentorship nurtures a company’s leadership chain. High potentials are an incredibly valuable asset to any company, but they’re often difficult to retain. With careful cultivation, companies can increase retention to ensure they’ll be able to appoint suitable leaders at the top when needed, which is crucial to the health and future of every organization.

With high-potential mentoring, you can:

    • Improve retention of key contributors
    • Deepen your leadership bench strength
    • Provide critical career development experiences

This type of personalized development is engaging for employees and provides tangible proof that their employer is investing in their careers.

Diversity Mentoring for an Inclusive Workplace

Cultivating an inclusive environment where varied viewpoints are heard fosters innovation and creativity that effect the bottom line. Research from McKinsey & Company revealed that ethnically diverse and gender diverse organizations are respectively 35% and 15% more likely to achieve financial returns above average. Offering a diversity mentoring program helps corporations differentiate themselves from their competitors while providing long-term support for their employees.

With diversity mentoring, you can:

  • Improve diversity in leadership or specific functional disciplines
  • Better attract and retain employees
  • Connect diverse populations with each other to learn and share experiences

Diversity mentoring empowers a wide range of employees to share their opinions, ideas, knowledge, and experiences on a level playing field. Through diversity initiatives, employees learn cultural awareness to create an inclusive corporate culture. Diversity mentoring creates an environment of trust, belonging, understanding, support, and encouragement for a diverse workforce.

Mentoring Circles for Collaborative

Peer-to-Peer Format

Enables employees to find peers who share common interests or learning objectives, and develop together as a group.

Layer of Support

Many organizations have circles setup for specific employee populations, such as veterans, women in STEM, LGBTQ employees, and so on.

Cross-Departmental Knowledge Sharing

Improved innovation by connecting people with varying skillsets who are interested in solving the same challenge. Expands the tribal knowledge pool.

Community Builder

This helps create bonds between people who otherwise may not have interacted. And don’t discount the impact of having friends at work

Through mentoring,
employees identify themselves

Mentoring helps the company’s bottom line while also ensuring that employees feel committed to accomplishing their work in accordance to the vision of the organization.

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